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New Newsletter & Upcoming Summary

I've added a new widget on my website. Scroll all the way down to the footer, and you can't miss it. Finally! I'm sure most of you are thinking. Yes, I finally have a newsletter where you can sign up to receive updates about new projects, sales, book releases, tours, a first look at graphics, and a ton of other stuff. If you're on my site, scroll to the bottom and sign up. If you're reading this elsewhere, hit up my site and scroll to the bottom.

One of the first things I'll be sending out (as well as putting on my blog) is the summary for The Second Rebel to go alongside the summary of The First Sister since I have the memory of a goldfish and figure many readers do, too, despite wanting to catch up with "what happened last time" before they read The Last Hero. I'm also curious what else y'all would want to see. My query letter for The First Sister that got me my agent? The short story that later became The First Sister? Let me know in the comments!

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3 komentáře

21. 10. 2022

Love you for taking the time to write out summaries of your books. I too have the memory of a goldfish, and it’s hard to stumble through a sequel without one.

Wishing you all good things,


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Meghan Dieckmann
Meghan Dieckmann
11. 10. 2022

I think the query letter would be cool to read! I also think it would be fascinating to hear about your outline process -- like how far in advance did you plan all of the character arcs? I think I'm particularly thinking about Lito here -- did you know what you had planned for him when you were writing the first book, or did that come later? I'm always curious about how far writers plan in advance when writing a series!

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18. 10. 2022
Reakce na

Great topics and something I'll definitely tackle!

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