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The First Sister Synopsis

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

With The Second Rebel coming out on August 24th, it's a good time to remember what happened in The First Sister. Of course, with as many books as I read, I know I have a hard time remembering what happened in something I read a year ago. To help out, I've created a summary of what happened in The First Sister to jog your memory!




















The Geans: the alliance of Mars and Earth

The Sisterhood: The practitioners of Gean religion. A group of silent priestesses who act as comfort women to soldiers.

The First Sister: The highest-ranking Sister onboard the Juno. Tasked by Aunt Marshae to spy on Saito Ren, she fell in love with her new captain when she saw how Ren worked for peace between the Geans and Icarii. After learning the truth of the Sisterhood, she accepted Hiro val Akira’s task to change the Sisterhood from within. Now the First Sister of Ceres.

Saito Ren: Former Gean Ironskin commander turned captain of the Juno thanks to their hand in the Fall of Ceres. Secretly Hiro val Akira geneassisted into Saito Ren to act as a spy among the Geans.

Aunt Marshae: Formerly First Sister’s Aunt on Juno, now head of the Order of Cassiopeia and a member of the Agora. Alongside the Mother, she assigned First Sister to spy on Saito Ren, believing there was something strange about the Juno’s new captain.

Ringer/Hringar Grimson: A Gean soldier on the Juno who was close with the First Sister. In reality, an alternate ego of hers, thanks to the degradation of First Sister’s neural implant.

Eden: The Second Sister of Ceres who was also Second Sister on the Juno. She knows the truth about Hiro val Akira and chose to help First Sister in her fight for peace.

Warlord Vaughn: The military leader of the Geans and a man who refuses to name a successor and retire despite his advanced age.

The Mother: Leader of the Sisterhood alongside the seven Aunts known as the Agora. Killed by the First Sister after revealing the fact that all Sisters have neural implants to keep them silent.

The Icarii: the peoples of Mercury and Venus

Duelists: The elite members of the Icarii military, consisting of Rapiers and Daggers paired mentally through neural implants.

Lito sol Lucius: As Hiro’s former Rapier, he was tasked with hunting down Hiro and finishing the mission they abandoned. After learning the truth of Hiro’s work, he joined the Aster rebellion and let Hiro escape from Ceres.

Hiro val Akira: Lito’s former Dagger and child of Souji val Akira. After the Fall of Ceres, they were geneassisted into Saito Ren to act as a spy among the Geans and assassinate the Mother. Instead of following their mission parameters, they became captain of the Juno and sought a replacement for the Mother among the Sisters onboard who would work for peace between the Geans and Icarii.

Ofiera fon Bain: A Command officer and Lito’s Dagger. Because of Val Akira Labs’ experiments, her neural implant can influence anyone else’s. As a special asset for the Icarii government, she is kept in cryo storage in-between missions. In actuality, she’s over 200 years old and, as such, suffers from neural degradation. Her husband, Sorrel, is an Aster still in Icarii custody.

Lucinia sol Lucius: Lito’s sister and an artist. She currently works for Val Akira Labs as a designer in a geneassist clinic. Souji val Akira assured Lito that he would keep an eye on her...

Souji val Akira: Hiro’s father and CEO of Val Akira Labs. According to Hiro, he’s the puppet master behind many government policies.

Beron val Bellator: As High Commander of the Icarii Special Forces, all duelists report to him. He was one of the masterminds behind the plan to geneassist Hiro into Saito Ren.

The Asters: the genetically modified humans

Hemlock: An Aster and the proprietor of Mithridatism, a bar on Ceres. After learning of Icarii troop movements from Hiro val Akira, he orchestrated the Fall of Ceres with the Geans. He is a man who works best from the shadows and bears the scars of Val Akira Labs’ experimentation on his body.

Castor: An explosions expert and Aster rebel raised by Hemlock who took part in the Fall of Ceres. Geneassisted not to need goggles, he is the “face” of Hemlock’s operation and often comes into contact with humans. Trained by Hiro val Akira to use a mercurial blade, he tried to kill Lito on Ceres before Lito joined the Aster cause.

The Outlaws: the non-allied anarchists living in the belt

Dire of the Belt: An outlaw leader best known for smuggling Icarii technology and medicine to the peoples of the belt. An anarchist with ideals.

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